Show Aloha Challenge: Feed Hawaii’s kupuna and support local restaurants

Over $600,000 raised to feed Hawaii's kupuna

As we work together during these unprecedented times, Hawaii has seen extraordinary acts of aloha to serve some of the most vulnerable in our community. Established in March 2020, the Show Aloha Challenge has raised over half a million dollars to feed Hawaii’s kupuna.

The Show Aloha Challenge was created by Mike Gangloff and Lanai Tabura to ingest money into Hawaii’s small mom and pop restaurants and feed our kupuna. In just 10 days, they had raised over a quarter of a million dollars to support this important cause.

“Mike called me one morning and he said, ‘Hey, we need to do something. We’re gonna go on quarantine and a lot these of kupuna aren’t going to be able to leave their homes,'” explains Tabura.

“We got Meals on Wheels, we got St. Francis… so many people are jumping aboard,” Gangloff says.

All donations go to Hawaii Meals On Wheels. The organization then gives the money to hand selected restaurants that turn around and make meals for Hawaii’s kupuna. Volunteers from Meals on Wheels and Elite Parking Services then make sure the meals are delivered to those in need.

“All these hole-in-the-wall restaurant — these mom and pop restaurants — there was a lot that needed help,” Tabura explains.

Gangloff and Tabura believe that small businesses are the backbone of our economy. Through the Show Aloha Challenge, they hope to support not only small businesses, but also the thousands of kupuna living alone who can’t leave there homes.

In addition to raising money to help local restaurants and provide meals for kupuna, Gangloff and Tabura also created a t-shirt people can buy for $20 in order to make another small donation. Every shirt sold buys two meals for kupuna. Gangloff and Tabura hope to keep collecting donations so that they can continue to feed Hawaii’s kupuna and keep our restaurants open.

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