Shorter recovery, less pain makes minimally invasive surgery preferable

Sponsored by University Health Partners and the John A. Burns School of Medicine

Being told by your doctor that you need surgery is not fun. Fear of pain and long recovery times can dissuade patients from following doctor’s orders. Now, more and more surgeons are using minimal invasive surgery to operate, which causes less damage to the body than open surgery. Educators and leaders at the University Health Partners of Hawaii  and the John A. Burns School of Medicine are teaching students about these operating techniques and using them to lessen the negative repercussions of surgery.

Dr. Kenric Murayama, chair and program director of the Department of Surgery at the John A. Burns School of Medicine at UH Mānoa, sat down with HI NOW to explain how these methods are continuing to evolve. Specifically, some of the skills that are being used include decreasing the size and amount of incisions that are required when performing both simple and difficult operations. With fewer incisions, patients are able to not only heal faster, but are also able to experience a more relaxing and comfortable healing. These surgeries can be performed on many different areas such as gallbladder, colon, acid reflux, a variety of GI cancers, breast, as well as endocrine and thyroid surgery just to name a few.

Some of these surgeries are executed by using an endoscope, which is a scope that enters the human body through natural openings such as a mouth. Other surgeries are laparoscopic, which involve only a very small cut using particular equipment. Robotic surgery is another technique being utilized that allows a robot to make slight precise incisions while surgeons control and monitor the robotic tools from a computer.

University Health Partners of Hawaii has offices at the Physician Office Building or POB II at The Queen’s Medical Center, an office in the Kuakini Physician Tower at Kuakini Medical Center and just opened another location at The Queen’s Medical Center – West for anyone needing surgical services and not wishing to travel to town.

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