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Seoul Tofu House serves up traditional Korean dishes in Waikiki

Try its special tofu soup!

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If you’re in the mood for some delicious Korean food, head down to Waikiki near International Market Place and you’ll find Seoul Tofu House. HI Now host Kanoe Gibson is with husband and wife team David and Kyuone Kang to try some of their traditional Korean dishes.

Seoul Tofu House specializes in tofu soup, but also offers a variety of BBQ items as well as favorites like the Korean pancake. What makes its tofu soup unique? The broth is made in-house using beef bone and the restaurant’s special sauce.

Recipe: Combination Soft Tofu Soup

200g Basic Stock
150g Soft Tofu
30g Clams
30g Shrimp
15g Squid (sliced ½”)
30g Beef (sliced 1/10″)
4g Green onion (chopped)
10g Mushroom (Enukki)
2pc Red Chilli

1. In the pot, combine soft tofu, seafood, beef and basic soup
2. Skim and boil for 8 min., put one egg in before serving
3. Remove from heat and top with green onion, enukki mushroom, and red chilli
4. In a tray, serve with four kinds of side dishes

Recipe: Grilled Spicy Chicken with cheese

350g Marinated chicken Thigh
150g Special sauce
40g Cabbage (1″ cube cut)
40g Kabocha pumpkin (1″cube cut)
100g Mozzarella cheese (shredded)
2g Chillies

1. Put the pan on the high heat
2. Add oil and add pre-marinated chicken cook for about 2-3 min.
3. Add special sauce and cook for 1 min.
4. Add veggies and cook for 1 min. until it sweats
5. Cook chicken and veggies on cast iron plate
6. Add mozzarella cheese on top
7. Put in oven for 4 min.

Recipe: Seafood and Green onion Jeon

140g Green onion (½” cut)
140g Seafood mix (assorted)
280g Basic Dough

1. Combine dough and seafood mix and green onion
2. Mix together well
3. Oil cold pan and add one scoop of mix
4. Turn on to high heat
5. Control the heat and cook it well

For more information:,, IG: @seoul_tofu_waikiki