Sage Creamery sources local ingredients to create delicious ice cream

HI Now host Rachel Pacarro is in studio with Sage Creamery to discover the secret behind their delicious ice cream!

Sponsored by Sage Creamery

Sage Creamery is a local business that sources organic ingredients from other local companies like ChadLou’s Coffee Roastery and Manoa Honey Company. They infuse these local, organic ingredients into their ice cream to deliver their flavors and stories.

What drove Zach Villanueva and Courtney Ro to start Sage Creamery was the passing of Zach’s brother due to cancer. “He was an aspiring entrepreneur, so when we wanted to get this business rolling, we decided to name it after him. His name is Daniel, but he was our sage, so Sage Creamery was born in 2020”, says Zach.

Enjoy their delicious, unique flavors like Merrie Monarch ice cream, a Kohana Rum infused ice cream with strawberry ribbons, or their ChadLou’s Vietnamese ice cream with dark roasted coffee and condensed milk!

Sage Creamery ice cream can be found in farmers markets across the island or in retail stores like Diamond Head Grill. They are also starting a delivery pilot program which brings their ice cream directly to your doorstep! For more information on where to purchase Sage Creamery Ice Cream, please visit