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Round two for Kanoe and Jobeth as they experience an even more thrilling jump out of a helicopter

Pacific Skydiving Honolulu

HI Now hosts Jobeth Devera and Kanoe Gibson were brave enough to tandem skydive from a plane at 14,000 ft. at Pacific Skydive on Oahu’s North Shore, but now they’re in for an even bigger thrill: A tandem jump out of a helicopter with the doors off.

Pacific Skydiving offers a more unique way to skydive with an exclusive opportunity to jump from a helicopter at 8 to 10,000 ft., double the altitude of a normal chopper ride, after a 15-minute scenic ride over Oahu. They are the only skydiving company in the United States to own its own helicopter, enabling them to offer this exotic tandem experience.

After the ride up, guests and their instructors jump from the helicopter as it hovers between 8 to 10,000 ft. The freefall may only last for about 20 seconds, compared to the 60 second freefall from a plane, but the experience is just as intense, if not greater. Unlike skydiving from a plane, jumpers experience a roller coaster effect while jumping from the helicopter, making for a more thrilling experience. After a five-minute canopy ride over Oahu’s North Shore, jumpers end up on a grassy landing area.

Pacific Skydiving has an international staff with USPA licensed instructors and highly experienced skydivers with thousands of jumps under their belts. The skydiving company’s most experienced instructor has done over 21,000 jumps. Safety is a top priority, so tandem skydive student equipment includes a special harness that attaches at four points to the front of the tandem skydiving instructor.

Guests can also purchase photo and video packages where a videographer captures the entire experience, from gearing up to landing.

About Pacific Skydiving
Pacific Skydiving is Hawaii’s premier skydiving center. With over 40 years of skydiving experience, it has an excellent safety record in tandem skydiving activities. It is a designated USPA drop zone with the most internationally experienced, licensed USPA instructors. It’s currently also the only skydiving center in Hawaii offering the Accelerated Freefall (AFF) program to new students learning to skydive.

Watch Jobeth and Kanoe as they first experience tandem skydiving out of an airplane

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