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Rob’s Good Times Grill Gives Back and Pushes Forward

Since 1992, Rob’s Good Times Grill has been a nightlife staple on Kaua’i. During the pandemic, however, it has had to pivot away from DJs and live music to focus more on its dining options.

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“It was pretty crazy in the beginning. We were under the assumption that [COVID-19] was going to come and go in a couple months, but it ended up being a pretty long experience,” said Owner Rob Silverman.

The majority of Rob’s customers are Kaua’i residents. This meant that, once pandemic restrictions began to lift and Hawaii’s vaccination rate increased, patrons began returning to the bar.

“We did the most we could, and we actually went above and beyond the recommendations,” said Silverman. “We got really heavily into the food side of it; less reliant on nightlife because there really was no nightlife.”

Today, Rob’s is welcoming visitors in safe numbers to make sure that all the staff and customers stay physically and mentally healthy.

“That’s become the focus–– doing what we do at the high quality level we do it. During the shutdown period, when we saw the effects it had on the community, we knew that we had to stay moving forward,” said Silverman. “It was obvious that vaccination is the key, so we decided to do gift certificates for everyone who had been vaccinated.”

For Rob’s, the giving doesn’t stop at gift cards; the restaurant takes a portion of the sales from its vaccinated patrons and donates it to Kaua’i-based nonprofits of its choice.

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