Revitalize your body and mind with yoga classes at Hot Yoga College of India

Sponsored by Hot Yoga College of India

Hot Yoga College of India is bringing the heat and inviting all of you to come sweat it out. HI Now host Kanoe Gibson sat down with the owner Sam Lockwood to find out why this type of yoga is so good for you.

Lockwood’s studio is unique in that it focuses on teaching Bikram Style Hot Yoga. Classes are traditional therapeutic 90-minute Hatha Yoga sequences taught by Bikram certified teachers. The focus is on a specific series designed to benefit all people using poses that help with a wide range of common conditions and diseases. These classes are not only fitness classes, but are also therapeutic workouts that challenge you physically, mentally, and emotionally so you feel your best after the class. Lockwood says many of her students leaving “feeling like a million bucks.”

Lockwood says the studio is like a dojo in that teachers encourage students to learn the practice the right way, through repetition and daily practice. She says it’s not easy, but when done correctly, it brings tremendous benefits and results. She describes yoga class as a gas station, where students come to refuel, re-energize and revitalize their body.

Lockwood says students can expect to feel the positive effects immediately and even more as they continue the classes. She lists some of the benefits as: increased energy levels, detox and tone up, heal bad backs, fix bad knees and joints, cardiovascular and blood pressure balance, and increased strength and flexibility.

The facility also offers changing rooms and showers and is located downtown at 1130 N. Nimitz Hwy.

Lockwood started this studio because yoga has been a big part of her life and the practice taught her to love herself. She says yoga has been like a navigational tool that has helped her realize what is real when it comes to relationships with others and with herself. For Lockwood, the studio and its classes are a way to help people live happier, healthier, and better lives.

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