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Renovate your home with beautiful orchids from City Mill

Flowers are the perfect way to spice up any landscape or garden. HI Now host Rachel Pacarro visits City Mill to learn more about how to grow your own orchids.

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The pandemic has caused the plant community to take off, and orchids are no exception to this. Orchids are epiphytic in nature, meaning they naturally grow on trees. The roots tend to grow out and around the pot its planted in, but Katie Hachmeister of City Mill says that the flower prefers to grow that way. She recommends repotting the plant every 1-2 years as they do not like to be tampered with often. “They’re more like a set it and forget it type of plant,” says Katie.

City Mill carries everything you need to start planting your first orchids. They have specially designed pots with holes on the side to allow more airflow for the plant. They also carry specialized soil and bark mixes catered towards growing orchids. Katie suggests that depending on where you plan to grow your orchids determines how often to water it. If it’s indoors, you should water it once a week. If it’s in an area with higher air flow, once every 2-3 days is enough.

So, if you are interested in growing your own orchid plants, head down to City Mill to check out their amazing line up of orchid products!

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