Punahou Class of 2020 graduate joins fight against underage drinking

ILH Polynesian Club helps shape her values of family and community

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Last year in 2019, the Honolulu Liquor Commission initiated its “Don’t Down Your Future” campaign in an effort to prevent underage drinking. Its goal, as a regulatory agency within the City & County, is to reduce alcohol abuse and minimize underage drinking by inspiring teens and young adults to choose an alcohol-free lifestyle.

“Summer has always been a time for us to recognize our high school graduates, and although graduation parties are celebrated a little differently this year, everyone’s ohana still manages to have a good time,” says Honolulu Liquor Commission Spokeswoman Melissa Pampulov. “Typically, we see an increase in alcohol fueled reckless behavior. So let’s avoid this by celebrating and congratulating our graduates and reminding all our young adults to have a great time, but do so without illegal drinking.”

Moana Taase is a proud member of Punahou School’s Class of 2020.

“A big part of my identity is being Samoan and being Christian, so I enjoy dancing and singing and being involved with all of our church activities like choir, bible studies, and community services,” she says. “Throughout high school, I was heavily involved with the ILH Polynesian Club and became Vice President of the club during my senior year.”

The ILH Polynesian Club aims to teach and perpetuate Polynesian culture, but specifically the Samoan culture of family and community while instilling religion into the lives of students.

“The club helped me to learn more about my culture, while also building up on my faith, and it’s also given me a family that I know I am always connected to,” Taase adds.

In the future, Taase hopes to become a pediatrician or a position in the medical field that can take care of others in the community. She encourages other teens to surround themselves with people and a community that have the best intentions for you. Having a support system of family, friends, advisors, coaches, mentors and good influences can help you towards a good path, make good decisions, and stay positive and focused.

For anyone that wants to get involved with the Honolulu Liquor Commission’s “Don’t Drown Your Future campaign,” visit its website at honolulu.gov/liq. The agency is always looking for more people and organizations to partner with!

For more information: honolulu.gov/liq