Providing the best care for residents through clinics and assisted living services at Arcadia Family of Companies

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Both 15 Craigside and Arcadia are committed to providing its residents with the best care, whether they’re living in their own apartment independently, with assisted living services, or in the Health Care Center.

Residents can get help with non-emergency care at the clinic with services like blood pressure testing, pulse, temperature, and first-aid treatments. It’s staffed by licensed nurses and is managed by a clinic manager or assisted living manager who is also a registered nurse. Other services available include: “ask a nurse” consultations, arranging transportation to a hospital or outside clinic, contacting a physician in case of illness, contacting designated family or personal contacts in case of serious illness, and coordinating boarder beds in the Health Care Center for observation during short-term illness.

One service that’s popular and convenient for residents is the blood draws by Diagnostic Laboratory Services. All residents have to do is drop off the lab slip from their physician and a blood draw is scheduled. The clinic also brings in flu shots. These services eliminate the need for residents to make their own arrangements.

For residents in need of more care, the Assisted Living program allows residents to maintain the highest degree of independence. Assisted Living Services are provided at both 15 Craigside and Arcadia in the comfort of the resident’s own apartment. Experts there work with residents to develop a service plan based on an assessment of how much help is needed. This includes everything from medication management to assistance with life’s daily activities.

Residents transition from assisted living in their own apartments to the Health Care Center when they are not able to evacuate from their apartment without assistance in case of an emergency and if the medical needs of the resident cannot be met through the support services provided though the Assisted Living program. The Health Care Center provides skilled nursing and 24-hour care.

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