Programs at Pohai Nani encourage residents to build critical social connections

Helping residents to stay active and connected

Sponsored by Pohai Nani

Making social connections is critical for the well-being of Hawaii’s kupuna. Pohai Nani provides an array of programs to encourage this so that every resident continues to thrive.

Making social connections is paramount to healthy aging. It is one of the six dimensions of wellness and is very important to the well-being of Pohai Nani’s residents. Building social connections keeps them feeling connected and less alone. Loneliness is a health risk for older adults and can contribute to problems like depression, heart disease and obesity.

Pohai Nani offers a variety of activities and venues to encourage socialization. There are interactive games like bingo, Wheel of Fortune and Wii bowling. There are also small, group arts and crafts classes bringing together residents with similar interests. There’s even a group of musicians who meet every Friday afternoon to play music! These are great opportunities for residents to engage with each other and develop friendships.

Pohai Nani’s wellness exercise classes also bring residents together, and they get to share their successes. When a resident reaches a fitness goal, they get to share it with the class. Sharing these successes gives residents a real sense of community.

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