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Professional wrestling returns to Hawaii! Introducing UCE Wrestling

Sponsored by UCE Wrestling

Live wrestling action is coming back to Hawaii. Unify Championship Entertainment (UCE) is partnering with the Wild Samoan Training Center (WSTC) to bring some of the best wrestling contenders to the islands for epic battles in the ring. The series, which will run from December 2018 to May 2019, will stream live (Pay-Per-View) via FITE TV. Professional wrestlers and husband and wife team Aleki Lee (aka 1/2 of the Modern Day Savages) and Bonnie Maxson-Lee (aka The Radiant Rain) are the masterminds behind this smackdown series of shows.

The grand opening event, simply called “Unveiling,” is set for Saturday, December 22 at Aloha Tower Marketplace. As part of establishing a local footprint, UCE Wrestling will bring wrestlers from other affiliated and accredited wrestling federations, as well as work with WSTC training and showcasing local aspiring talent.

2019 Schedule Shows at Aloha Tower Marketplace
Saturday, December 22nd
Saturday, January 26th
Saturday, February 23rd
Saturday, March 30th
Saturday, April 27th
Saturday, May 25th

About Aleki (The Modern Day Savage):
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 230
Native: Waimanalo, Hawai’i
Trained By: Afa The Wild Samoan
Debut Match: 2007
Finishers: The One Night Slam, Pineapple Express, Frog Splash

1/2 of The Modern Day Savages with Ativalu
1/2 of The Samoan Hawaiian Island Tribe with Kaimana
1/2 of Badd Company with GQ Banks (now known as Tama Tonga) and Managed by Pat Tanaka
1/3 of 3SK

Co-owner of Unify Championship Entertainment/UCE Wrestling
Owner of The Wild Samoan Training Center Hawai’i
Trainer at the Wild Samoan Training Center C4 (PA)
Head Trainer at the Wild Samoan Training Center (FL)
Head Trainer at the Wild Samoan Training Center Hawai’i (HI)

WXW, AZW, NWA Hawai’i, HCW, WWN and affiliates, WXW C4, appearances on WWE’s Main Event, NXT and Smackdown.

About Bonnie (Radiant Rain)
Height: 5’5 1/4
Weight: 133
Native: St Paul, MN
Trained By: Eddie Sharkey, Horace the Psychopath, Lexie Fyfe, Grand Apache, and Kaoru Ito
Trained: October 2000
Debut Match: October 2001
Finishers: Acid Rain (Japanese Ocean Cyclone Suplex), Rain Drop (Implant DDT), and Rain Busta (Brain Busters)

1/2 of the Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew
1/3 of the International Home Wrecking Crew
TNA Knockout Ms. Payton Banks
1/2 Las Gringas Locas
1st Ever Shine Champion
Co-owner of Unify Championship Entertainment UCE Wrestling

Head Trainer at the Slam Shack and Wild Samoan Training Center HI

IWA Mid South Original, Shimmer Original, ROH/WOH Original, TNA Knockout, AAA
Lucha Libre Luchadora, Shine Original, DIANA, WSU, WXW, AWA, CZW, RISE, and
Pro Wrestling Eve

Has competed all over the USA, Mexico, Japan, and England

For more Information:,, FB: @ucewrestling / @alekilee / @bonniemaxson, Twitter: ucewrestling1 / radiant_rain, Instagram: @uce_wrestling / @Aleki_MDS / @BMaxFitness