Prepare your pet for a fun and healthy summer with VCA Hawaii

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Temperatures are rising as the summer months approach! If you can feel it, chances are your pet can too. HI Now host Kanoe Gibson is talking to the experts at Gentle Vets Hawaii Kai to learn about some things pet owners can do to keep summer fun and safe for their furry friends.

“A lot of people will take their pet hiking, to the beach, dog parks, things like that,” Dr. Nicole Wong says, “so it’ll be really important to get them up to date on their vaccines.” For dogs, she notes updating their Bordatella and Leptospirosis vaccinations. Since Bordatella is the vaccination for kennel cough, a respiratory disease transmitted from one dog to another, it’s important to keep this up to date if your pet will be playing with other dogs. On the other hand, Leptospirosis is a bacterial infection and is found in Hawaii’s streams. That being said, pet owners should stop their dogs from drinking water in streams or puddles while outside.

In addition to vaccinations, Dr. Wong also suggests keeping pets up to date on a heart worm and flea and tick preventative.

For those who go hiking with their dogs, pet owners should be prepared with lots of water so they can keep their dog hydrated. It’s also to important to look out for signs of heat stroke, which may include excessive panting, rapid heartbeat, bright red or blue gums, and if their tongue or gums start to feel sticky. Some more severe symptoms are bloody diarrhea or vomiting, weakness, or seizures. If you notice your pet is suffering the initial signs of heat stroke, contact your primary care veterinarian right away, find shade, and use cool water — not ice — to help cool them down.

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