Prepare your home for power outages with a backup gas generator

Stay fully functional during severe weather

Sponsored by Hawaii Gas

John White lived through Hurricane Harvey in Houston and moved to Hawaii right before Hurricane Lane. Since then, there have been multiple blackouts in his neighborhood. After these experiences, he wanted to make sure he was never without power again, so he renovated his home specifically to be severe weather prepared.

As we enter hurricane season, there are many things people can do to prepare their homes for the possibility of a power outage, and a gas backup generator can be a life-saver. Since gas lines are underground, severe weather typically does not affect service. Hawaii Gas has been in the business for over 100 years, and weather has never interrupted service.

In the case of a power outage, White’s home, powered by a gas generator, will be fully functioning. He will be able to do everything from cooking to being able to charge his toothbrush in the bathroom. Even his pool won’t lose heat! His home will remain functional like this for the time required to restore regular power.

From a security standpoint, along with the whole house being functional, the security system and cameras would remain operational throughout a power outage. You never know what could happen at any time, but especially during an emergency, homeowners like White will feel comfortable knowing that their home remains safe and secure.

White’s home even has enough power to share with others. Say a neighbor needed to plug in to run their refrigerator or charge their electronics. They could simply run a weather safe extension cord to an outlet next door and be good to go!

Especially in Hawaii, even aside from the aesthetics, an average home doesn’t necessarily have the roof area required for enough solar panels to power an entire home efficiently. White went with gas power so he wouldn’t need to saturate a small roof space with huge solar panels. Gas is a reliable and clean alternative power source. It saves both money and space, with an average house consumption being about 30 percent less than running electric. It’s also reliable and much quicker to heat.

About Hawaii Gas:

Since 1904 Hawaii Gas has been the only franchised gas utility in the State of Hawai’i. Since this time, we have installed gas pipeline infrastructure, built bulk storage facilities with access to the harbor and developed a highly skilled workforce on every major island to serve the people of Hawai’i. Gas is now a critical part of our fuel mix in Hawai’i providing a cleaner and lower cost alternative for residential, commercial and industrial customers.

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