Prenatal Classes reimbursed through HMAA’s Baby & Me program

Preparing for a healthy pregnancy and delivery

Sponsored by HMAA

Hawaii Medical Assurance Association provides a number of great benefits for its members – especially moms! HI Now host Kanoe Gibson is with Carmen Bowling from Queens Medical Center to talk about the importance of prenatal classes for expecting moms and how HMAA members can get up to $150 in classes reimbursed.

Bringing a new baby into your family is such an exciting time for parents, but it can also come with a lot of questions and maybe even some concerns. Attending a prenatal class is a great way to work with a healthcare professional to have your questions answered and to build your confidence as you step into parenthood.

It’s important to note that prenatal classes are not just for first-time moms. Even the most experienced of mothers can learn something new by attending a prenatal class. Each pregnancy and delivery is unique and questions may arise during a current pregnancy that was not a concern during a previous one. Prenatal classes can help instill confidence even when things may not seem the same as they did before. If this is not your first pregnancy, you may want to choose to put more focus on a specific area this time. For instance, if you want to try or improve breastfeeding or maybe you want to take an infant CPR class.

There are classes that cover a wide variety of topics. You may be a first-time parent who needs a general infant care class, or you may want to learn more about breastfeeding techniques. There are classes that focus on the labor process and also what to expect during labor and after baby arrives.

Parents are encouraged to attend the classes together if possible. This allows for a cohesive partnership between the parents to develop as they navigate pregnancy, child birth, and parenting together. Having a partner through the class will also help mom feel the support she is going to need as she goes through the process of bringing baby into the world.

During these classes, soon-to-be parents learn how to properly change a diaper and bathe an infant as well as reasons to call your physician. The benefits of a prenatal class will vary based on what the mother is looking to learn. These classes will provide you with one-on-one opportunities to ask medical professionals about any step in the child birth process.

For more information: Maternity Services at Queens Medical Center,, or on Facebook and Instagram: @hmaawellness