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Playing a lot of video games? Here are some tips to conserve energy at home

Different gaming consoles use varying amounts of energy

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Now that entire families are staying home, people are doing a lot more indoor activities such as video games. However, there’s a huge difference in energy costs depending on which console you use! HI Now host Kanoe Gibson spoke with Ramsey Brown at Hawaii Energy to find out more.

So what are some of the best and worst options out there in terms of energy costs? Looking at some of today’s most popular models, the Xbox One is one of the more energy intensive options. With the average gamer playing just over seven hours per week, that’ll cost about $60 per year here in Hawaii — just for the game play. If you consider that most people don’t turn their consoles off when they’re finished, you’d add $41 in standby costs for a total of $101 per year! The PlayStation 4 is up there in price as well, coming in just over $71 per year in average energy costs.

However, the ultimate winner is the Nintendo Switch. Playing around seven hours per week and leaving it on standby for the rest of the time would cost you only $2 per year! Another cool thing about the Switch is that you can choose to play in handheld mode, eliminating costs of having the TV on too.

Speaking of TV costs, you’d you’d also want to look at the energy usage of whatever TV you have hooked up to your gaming console. TVs can vary quite a bit too! For example, a 55 inch TV uses double the energy that a 32 inch uses, so it costs you twice as much. What you really want to avoid are plasma TVs, which use three times more energy than LEDs! The most energy efficient option is going to be an LED TV of a smaller size, and you should always choose an ENERGY STAR model.

One final tip: Plug everything into a smart power strip. This really helps eliminate standby energy loss when your devices aren’t being used. Enabling the energy-saving power mode on your console is a great option as well. If you’re looking for even more ways to save around the house, check out

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