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Philadelphia Eagles fan from Hawaii recalls catching Super Bowl football

Super fan makes the catch of a lifetime

In 2018, lifelong Philadelphia Eagles fan Adam Morris flew up to watch his Eagles soar over the New England Patriots. Not only did his team walk away with a win, but the super fan always walked away with something even more priceless. It was a special memory that he will cherish for the rest of his life.

It all starts with Morris’ grandfather, who was born in Philadelphia. Morris and his brothers grew up to be big time Eagles fans, following in their grandfathers’ footsteps. Fast-forward to 2017, Morris says his family couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to see their team play in the Super Bowl.

“It was a miracle season. You know, one of the best season’s the Eagles have ever had,” Morris adds. “We beat Minnesota in the NFC Championship. As soon as they won, we immediately booked our tickets to Minnesota.”

Morris and his family ended up with front-row tickets on game day. Then during one play, the football was spiked and headed straight for their seats.

“I could see the ball coming at me through my phone,” Morris remembers. “So I threw my phone down, ready to go in the moment.”

Right before he could catch it, Morris’ brothers accidentally knocked it out of the way into the row behind them.

“There my dreams went, gone behind me,” he sighs. “I guess the guy behind me had worse hands than I did because it hit him right in the chest and it came right back to me.”

Unfortunately, Morris’ grandfather passed away in October 2017. Morris believes he was looking out from above.

“Probably made that ball hit the ground at a certain angle to make it come to me,” he adds. “Something that I can look back and share that experience with my brothers for the rest of my life.”