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Periocare dental implants help create a smile you can be proud of

No cutting and no sutures

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Taking care of your gums is just as important as taking care of your teeth. Healthy Smiles week continues on HI Now with a visit to Periocare, the office of Dr. Braden Seamons, the most technologically advanced periodontal practice in Hawaii. One way he addresses gum disease is through an innovative, minimally invasive approach called periodontal laser surgery.

“A vast majority of the population has gum disease in some form or another,” says. Dr. Seamons. “It’s a genetic disease, so there’s a genetic predisposition, but there’s also a bacterial component which is what we need to address.”

With Dr. Seamons’ minimally invasive approach, there is no cutting and no sutures, yet has the ability to regain lost bone. This revolutionary procedure utilizes a highly specific protocol called LANAP – Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure. It is the only protocol to have human studies documenting efficacy and, based on these studies, is the only procedure with FDA Clearance to claim the ability to be able to regenerate new bone. LANAP is a proven alternative to conventional “cut and sew” surgery.

“There’s minimal discomfort afterwards, and a lot of patients find that they’re far more receptive to this than the conventional alternative,” Dr. Seamons explains.

“The results were incredible. I should have done this procedure years ago! No post operative pain to speak of,” says James Kearns, a patient at Periocare.

Periocare is also the only periodontal practice on Oahu offering periodontal laser surgery. Dr. Seamons has been performing this revolutionary approach to treatment for over five years and says that through this treatment, fear no longer need be a factor in obtaining periodontal care.

In addition to periodontal laser surgery, Dr. Seamons also specializes in laser gum surgery and metal free dental implants. Interested in these services? You can visit Periocare at its two locations: Honolulu and Kailua.

Honolulu office: (808) 596-7788

Kailua office: (808) 263-1100

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