Periocare offers minimally invasive laser gum treatment option

Choosing the right dental implant system for each patient

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If you’re looking for a way to get a smile you can be proud of, dental implants may be something to look into. Healthy Smiles week continues on HI Now with a look at the different types of dental implant systems offered by Periocare, the most technologically advanced periodontal practice in Hawaii.

Periocare works with each patient to choose the dental implant system that meets their specific needs.

“A lot of patients have loose dentures that they’re not satisfied with, and the implants provide us with the capability of making them solid so that they can function better and eat more effectively,” says Dr. Braden Seamons. “With dental implant therapy, we have the opportunity to replace as little as one tooth up to a full arch.”

Typically, Periocare relies on a titanium implant, which Dr. Seamons describes as extremely versatile. Metal free implants are utilized in the case of titanium allergy or when a patient elects not to have a metal fixture placed. These are also advantageous in the elderly when home care is an issue. Mini Implants can be incorporated when there is inadequate bone for conventional implant placement.

“The surgical procedure to place them is less invasive. They’re also far more cost effective,” Dr. Seamons explains.

Any of these options can be used for stabilizing loose dentures. The specific approach depends on a number of factors, including amount of available bone and financial considerations.

“At Periocare, we take a digital approach to implant therapy. We have both a 3D cone beam and a digital scanner for impressions,” Dr. Seamons says. “Between those two modalities, we can provide a patient with a digital workflow.”

In addition dental implants, Dr. Seamons also specializes in periodontal laser surgery and laser gum surgery. Periocare has two locations: Honolulu and Kailua.

Honolulu office: (808) 596-7788
Kailua office: (808) 263-1100

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