PBS Hawaii helps push the conversation of over tourism through Kākou: Hawai’i’s Town Hall

Tourism plays a large role in Hawaii’s economic development. But does too much tourism exist? If so, who decides what too much is? HI Now host Kainoa Carlson talks with PBS Hawaii about the upcoming event Käkou: Hawai’i’s Town Hall.

Sponsored by PBS Hawaii

As a leading source of income for the state, tourism is everywhere. Over tourism and its effects on natural resources has been a topic amongst Hawaii’s leaders for years, and PBS Hawaii is helping to push the conversation. The Kākou town hall meeting will include three county mayors and thirteen leaders from the community including restaurant, hospitality, and retail industries. “We invited community leaders,” says Ron Mizutani, President and CEO of PBS Hawaii. “They need to a part of that conversation.” Ron hopes that by having different ideas in one place, action will soon follow.

With the decrease in visitors during the pandemic, Hawaii had a chance to heal and thrive its natural resources. “Post Covid…we have to think about how best we manage our resources,” says Ron. Even so, this came at the expense of increased unemployment rates. Ron says that there needs to be a system in which Hawaii can keep its natural resources healthy and continue to grow the economy. The Kākou town hall meeting will take place on August 26th at 7:30 pm on PBS Hawaii. If you have a question you want answered during the meeting, please visit pbshawaii.org for more information.