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Passion Bakery Cafe Shifts To Stay Open During Pandemic

At the beginning of the pandemic, Passion Bakery Cafe on Kaua’i struggled. In order to remain open, it began selling wholesale bread to restaurants and hotels while maintaining its storefront.

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After the three-week period in which all businesses were mandatorily closed, Passion Bakery reopened to the public, serving breakfast, lunch and its homemade bread and pastries to customers once again. The bakery received the first round of PPP grants from the government and was able to use it to pay its employees.

“We started making a change because we didn’t have any local business. Prior to [the pandemic,] it was about 75% tourism, 25% local business,” said Owner Michael Sterioff.

Passion Bakery began serving malasadas, as well as a host of other treats, to appeal to local customers. The response from the community was overwhelming; more and more people began to frequent the bakery.

“The response we’ve received has been incredible. It’s been almost unmanageable to the point where we’re shopping daily, we’re bringing in food daily,” said Sterioff.

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