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Party pupu recipe from Sinaloa; chicken and poke flautas

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Hawaii Now Host Jobeth Devera is back in the kitchen with Cuauhtemoc Macias, the CEO of Sinaloa Hawaiian Tortillas, and this time around they are making some chicken flautas with a local twist – using ahi poke!


Macias says flautas are the flour version of taquitos, using flour tortillas. When you make taquitos, you usually use a corn tortilla. Macias says Mexican food has no rules. You can use Sinaloa Hawaiian Tortillas however you want and stuff it with whatever you prefer.


“Our tortilla is just the canvas,” said Macias. “We make the best canvasses in the world, but you are the artist. Be creative and do what you want with it.”


When beginning to make flautas, heat a pan with vegetable oil. Macias says try to refrain from using olive oil because it’s not the best when coking Mexican food.


While the oil heats up, grab a snack size Sinaloa Hawaiian Tortilla, add chicken or poke, or whatever ingredient you’d like and roll it up tightly. When the oil is hot enough, slowly place the rolled-up tortilla into the pan using tongs and cook until all sides of the tortilla is a golden-brown color. When finished cooking, place the flauta on a paper towel to drain the oil. Cover with whatever sauce you prefer and eat up!


Macias says flautas are a perfect party pupu (appetizer) or a perfect snack while watching Sunday football.


About Sinaloa Hawaiian Tortillas

For 25 years the Macias family has been making fresh tortillas in Hawaii at the Sinaloa Hawaiian Tortilla factory. Calling the business a “family affair” is an understatement. Father, mother, sons and cousins have all played a part in making sure that almost every grocery store and restaurant in the islands carries Sinaloa Hawaiian Tortillas.


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