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Par Hawaii prepares for future defense needs

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Par Hawaii is committed to making sure it is ready for any unplanned fuel needs in Hawaii, particularly for the U.S. Military. Having alternative and reliable methods of distributing fuel is a critical part of the government’s resiliency in times of need. So, in cooperation with the Defense Logistics Agency, Par Hawaii’s logistics group recently performed a series of demonstrations to illustrate the company’s ability to distribute fuel reliably, if the need should arise. Par Hawaii senior vice president Eric Wright joined host Jobeth Devera to explain what this means for Hawaii.

As the nation’s Combat Logistics Support Agency, the Defense Logistics Agency procures all fuel for the U.S. military in Hawaii and around the world. As a valued DLA partner, Par Hawaii supplies military jet fuel, diesel and other petroleum products to U.S. Pacific Command. The DLA asked if Par Hawaii would show our capabilities as an alternative source for fueling ocean vessels in the event the military’s fueling capability is compromised, either due to natural or man-made incidents.

First, Par Hawaii demonstrated the ability to flow fuel from the military’s storage tanks into Par Hawaii tanks. Second, Par Hawaii proved it could load fuel from its own storage tanks to a military vessel at a single-point mooring, off the Barbers Point coastline. This mooring is used to import crude oil that Par Hawaii refines into products such as gasoline, jet fuel, diesel, and other energy products. Par Hawaii successfully demonstrated it could load fuel onto a Navy oiler, the USNS Henry J. Kaiser, at Barbers Point Harbor via the company’s Kapolei refinery.

Why were these demonstrations significant? For the U.S. military—and for the DLA—having alternative and reliable methods of distributing fuel is a critical component of the government’s resiliency in times of need. Par Hawaii believes experiences distilled from the demonstrations will be actively taken into account in future projects. The DLA is stringent when it comes to its fuel meeting military specifications, or mil-spec for short. Par Hawaii is vigilant in monitoring the quality of its fuel and ensuring the fuel that’s destined to be used in a fighter jet on an  aircraft carrier, or gasoline filling up the family sedan or minivan will provide the power to go.

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