Pacific Resource Partnership helps support Queen’s Medical Center workers

New Caregiver Sanctuaries to provide respite to frontline healthcare workers

Sponsored by Pacific Resource Partnership

Ward Village, Pacific Resource Partnership and AlohaCare just recently donated a total of $80,000 to The Queen’s Medical Center to build new Caregiver Sanctuaries.

The Caregiver Sanctuaries will be the first of its kind in the state, providing frontline healthcare workers with a serene indoor and outdoor space to recharge and reset. The prolonged battle with COVID-19 is taking a toll on healthcare workers, many of whom are spending amid spending countless hours serving the community throughout the global pandemic.

“We know our healthcare workers are working tirelessly to ensure the community’s health and safety, and we wanted to show a small token of gratitude for all that they do,” said Doug Johnstone, President, Hawai’i at The Howard Hughes Corporation. “We’re proud to support Queen’s and create a space that will benefit those who do so much to keep us healthy.”

Created to provide a relaxing sensory experience, the indoor sanctuary will offer cool and comfortable seating, soft lighting, calming colors and soothing sounds. Outdoors, a tranquility garden will allow caregivers to soak in natural lighting, meditate and unwind.

“As this pandemic continues, the safety and well-being of our healthcare community is more important than ever,” said Julie Hirano Kaneko, PRP communications manager. “The Caregiver Sanctuaries spaces will provide our frontline heroes with a place to feel safe and find some respite from the challenging work that they do for our community.”

More than 3,500 caregivers serving Queen’s Medical Center patients will benefit from complete access to the respite area. Construction is expected to begin in December.

“The well-being of our caregivers during these challenging times is our top priority,” said Jason Chang, president of The Queen’s Medical Center. “We are grateful for the generous donation from Ward Village, Pacific Resource Partnership and AlohaCare to help us create these invaluable respite areas, thereby expressing our deep appreciation for the dedication of our frontline caregivers.”