Oahu Honey Co. donates over $25,000 in soap and honey to help community

Making donations of handmade soap to help first responders stay safe

Clean hands mean a clean community. That’s why Oahu Honey Company and Absolute Termite & Pest Control have teamed up to keep essential workers safe during the pandemic.

The local honey company is big on community and spreading aloha. It is common for Absolute Termite & Pest Control, the sister company to Oahu Honey Company, to get calls regarding honey bees. Whether it’s the fire department, military, City and County, or schools, its goal for the last seven years has been to rescue and relocate hives. The company then provide pollination services to farms with those hives to help with local agriculture.

Brittany Hegedus and Justin Duny are the husband and wife team behind the two companies. Oahu Honey Company got started donating its handmade soaps when their daughter ended up in the NICU for three weeks when she was born in 2018. The couple knew right away how important and crucial the state’s medical personnel is, so they began donating soap and honey for the obvious reasons and health benefits.

“We then realized how important all of our essential workers are and how we need to help all of our community, which in turn started our clean hands, clean community donation act,” says Hegedus.

To receive your donation, contact the couple at their website oahuhoneyco.com or on their social media sites. Be sure to let them know where you work, along with your name and phone number, and visit their store in Kapolei at no cost. Currently, the company has donated at least $25,000 in soap and honey products to the community and will continue to help those in need.

“There is no catch,” Hegedus says. “It’s just our way of giving back.”

Oahu Honey Company
2045 Lauwiliwili St. Unit 806
Kapolei, HI 96707

For more information: oahuhoneyco.com, absolutepesthi.com, or on Facebook: @oahuhoneyco and Instagram @oahuhoneycompany