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Not all boba is created equal! What makes Teapresso Bar’s boba drinks so good?

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Not all boba is created equal, and HI Now host Kanoe Gibson is at Teapresso Bar with founder and CEO Steve Nguyen to talk about what puts its boba drinks a notch above the rest.

Different ways to make boba drinks:
1) Powder: You put powder in a  blender and blend it up.
2) Pre-made: Everything is already made and stored in the refrigerator. Once a customer orders, it’s then poured over ice.
3) Made-to-order: Tea is ready made, and once customers order, the ingredients are added.

When it comes to boba drinks at Teapresso Bar, customers can expect a method that’s entirely different from those listed above. Teapresso is a powder-free company, uses fresh ingredients, and makes its own sugar, providing customers with a more natural boba option.

You can also try an exclusive HI Now drink at any Teapresso Bar across the state! HI Now hosts Jobeth Devera and Kanoe Gibson, along with executive producer Chimaine Pouteau, created their own specialty drinks. The exclusive concoctions include Jobeth’s “Jojo Taro Coco,” Kanoe’s “K-Presso,” and Chimaine’s “Chi-Mango Passion.” Part of the proceeds from these drinks will go to help various nonprofit organizations, including the Hawaiian Humane Society, Susan G. Komen and the Boys and Girls Club of Hawaii.

Each Teapresso Bar location serves as a gathering place for all ages. Board games and WiFi are available for use, and upon request, space can be reserved for private parties and catering services can be provided for special events. Customers have the convenience of ordering their drinks online and having them delivered.

About Teapresso Bar:
Teapresso Bar was founded in 2014 by Steve Nguyen who had a vision of bringing healthier drink alternatives to Hawaii. The first location opened on Bishop Street in downtown Honolulu and has since succeeded in positioning itself as a healthier alternative in the coffee and boba milk tea market. As of January 2019, there are currently 17 locations within the Hawaiian Islands. Also, in collaboration with ABC Stores, Teapresso drinks are served in ABC Stores on Oahu, Maui, Big Island and Kauai.

For more information:, FB:, IG: teapressobarhawaii