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Noi Thai Cuisine in Waikiki serves up the finest in Thai dining

Chej Kanjanamai prepares Green Curry Beef and Clay Pot Prawns & Glass Noodles

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If you’re looking to try some good Thai food, you need to head to the Royal Hawaiian Center and check out Noi Thai Cuisine! It was voted the #1 Thai Food Restaurant in Hawaii, and HI Now host Jobeth Devera is getting a chance to taste its signature dishes. Joining her are the restaurant’s general manager, Koi Ford, and Executive Chef Jutamas Kanjanamai.

Chej Kanjanamai will be preparing the restaurant’s Green Curry Beef, a flat iron steak served sizzling in a hot stone bowl with aromatic green curry, kaffir lime leaves, Thai eggplant, and Thai basil simmered in coconut milk. He’s also putting together the Clay Pot Prawns & Glass Noodles, which is a century-old Thai favorite. The dish includes prawns, bacon, stir-fried glass noodles, garlic, ginger, cilantro and white pepper mixed in the restaurant’s delicious homemade sauce.

Noi Thai Cuisine brings the finest in Thai dining to captivate all the senses! Each mouth-watering dish is created by some of the best chefs from Thailand. Not only does the restaurant serve delicious food, but it also pays close attention to every aspect of the dining experience. From the menu selection and presentation of its delectable dishes, to the warm, personal service and awe-inspiring decor, your meal is an experience from start to finish. The restaurant is a perfect choice for romantic date nights, getting together with friends and family, or even business functions.

Noi Thai Cuisine continues the tradition of the family’s first restaurant, Bai Tong, in Seattle, which began as a favorite stopover for Thai Airways crews at Sea-Tac airport. From there, word spread around the Pacific Northwest about the restaurant’s delicious Thai food and more were opened.

There are currently seven locations of the Baitong Family of Restaurants. While most are located in the Pacific Northwest, Noi Thai is the only one you’ll find in Hawaii!

For more information:, Facebook: @NoiThaiCuisineHawaii, and IG: @noithaicuisine_hawaii