Nico’s Upstairs offers decadent brunch buffet every Sunday

Don't forget to try Chef Meghan's marsala creme anglaise French toast!

Sponsored by Nico’s Pier 38, Nico’s Upstairs, and Nico’s Kailua

Want a new brunch spot to check out? Not only is Nico’s Upstairs home to delicious steak and seafood, but it also serves a decadent brunch every Sunday. HI Now host Kanoe Gibson is checking out what’s on the menu — and she’s bringing her family along too!

You’ll find both hot and cold items during brunch at Nico’s Upstairs. You can also choose from a selection of freshly cooked locally caught fish straight from the Honolulu Fish Auction. Try a variety of poke, salads, shrimp cocktail, and a continental breakfast table with fresh baked pastries, assorted fruits, and a yogurt parfait station.

In addition to the goods at the waffle station, grab yourself some of Chef Meghan’s marsala creme anglaise french toast! You’ll also find more hot items like corned beef hash, deviled and scrambled eggs, bacon and Portuguese sausage, kimchee shrimp fried rice, sauteed garlic butter ama ebi, king crab legs, pork ribs, and of course, prime rib.

Recipe: Chef Meghan’s Marsala Creme Anglaise French Toast

To make the Anglaise:
Ingredients: Whole milk, heavy cream, egg yolks, vanilla sugar, marsala, kosher salt

1) In a medium sauce pot on medium heat, combine whole milk, heavy cream and half the sugar. Whisk to combine.
2) In a medium sized mixing bowl, combine egg yolks, the remaining sugar and kosher salt. Whisk until combined with no lumps.
3) Heat the liquids in pot until it starts to simmer, then take off the heat.
4) Slowly ladle the hot liquid into the egg mixture, stirring the whole time as to not scramble the eggs.
5) Once half the liquid mixture has been transferred to your egg mixture, return all the liquid in the mixing bowl to the pot.
6) Whisk in your marsala.
7) Using a thermometer, cook the custard until it reaches 165 degrees F.
8) Strain through a chinois into a cube that is sitting in ice.
9) Whisk until cool or use an ice wand.
10) Store covered until needed.

To prepare French Toast:
1) Slice baguettes 1-inch thick on a bias
2) Let sit overnight to get them a little stale (works best for the desired texture)
3) The next day, dip them quickly in and out of the prepared anglaise and then lay them on parchment paper in a hot pan.

Cooking the French Toast:
1) On a lightly greased flat top, cook both sides of the French toast until golden brown.
2) Place five pieces in the center of your plate
3) Garnish with whipped cream, anglaise, berries and serve

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