New palm scanning technology helps keep your money secure at Hawaii State FCU

Access to your account is in the palm of your hand

Sponsored by Hawaii State FCU

Imagine one day you forgot your wallet at home and you need some extra cash. You can’t go to the ATM, and you can’t ask a teller to withdraw money from your account without your ID. Well, what if accessing your account was as easy as scanning your palm? With the new cutting-edge technology from Hawaii State FCU, you’ll never have to worry about how you’ll access your account again.

Similar to Face ID or fingerprint ID on smartphones, once your palm imprint is scanned into the credit union’s system, it replaces the need for your physical ID to do any transactions. It uses a contactless reader that does not require any physical contact with the device, making for a clean and easy-to-use method for customers.

Biometric devices are often considered one of the most secure forms of identification, as they typically use a component of biology that is difficult to use fraudulently, such as fingerprints, hand prints or the retina of the eye. Palm vein pattern recognition is one of the most accurate biometric authentication solutions available today. It is fairly safe to assume that if a person has the correct biometrics, he or she is using the correct identity. If your ID is stolen and the thief bears similarity to you, there is no guarantee that person would not be able to access your account to gain confidential information or take your money.

Hawaii State FCU has always been at the forefront of testing new technology, and it’s one of the few institutions that has adopted it thus far. Fraud protection and security controls are priorities for the credit union, and this new palm identification technology serves both those purposes. As a leader in bringing innovative solutions to banking, HSFCU is committed to making this new and secure way to access accounts available at all nine of its branches on Oahu and Maui.

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