New Bank of Hawaii online system makes mortgage application process fast and easy

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After finding that dream home, securing a mortgage can be an intimidating process. However, Bank of Hawaii (BOH) is now making it easy with a new online application called SimpliFi Mortgage. Matt Emerson, BOH senior executive vice president and director of E-commerce, sat down with HI Now host Jobeth Devera to explain the new program.

“Everyone is so used to organizing and conducting their lives online, especially on their phones,” said Emerson. With that in mind, BOH launched SimpliFi Mortgage, a new online mortgage system, and it’s the only local bank in the state with a fully integrated online mortgage system. It’s the latest in mortgage software, making the loan process safe, reliable, easy and fast for customers.

With SimpliFi Mortgage, people can start and finish an application on their own time, from any mobile device. In addition to online tools and resources, including pre-qualification requests, mortgage rates and document checklists, customers may use SimpliFi Mortgage to:

• Complete their online application and check its status anytime from any mobile device. Customers may also save their application and complete the process when it is convenient for them
• Snap a photo and upload the document from any smartphone or tablet
• Receive, review and e-sign disclosures
• Receive notifications from mortgage professionals; review all messages in their account, making them easily retrievable.
• Collaborate with local loan officers, either online or in person.

Bank of Hawaii’s residential loan officers are also available if and when customers need assistance. At any point during the process, customers can speak to someone in person or by phone, or even set up appointments and communicate through email.

SimpliFi Mortgage is not only for first-time home buyers, but for people looking to refinance too.

About Matt Emerson
Appointed as a member of the Managing Committee in October 2018, Matt Emerson is responsible for the bank’s E-commerce and Digital Channels Division. In this role, he oversees the strategic planning, service delivery, revenue management, technology, and risk and compliance functions of the Online and Mobile Banking, ATM, Debit Card and Digital Payments businesses.

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