#MyNavian Contest Winner shares why her husband and children are her Navians

Honoring those who guide us through uncertain times

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We all have a Navian in our lives. Formed from the words “Navigator” and “Guardian,” they help guide us through times of uncertainty, and Navian Hawaii wants to honor those special people. HI Now host Jobeth Devera is with Khrystyn Huynh, winner of the #MyNavian story contest, to hear why she calls her husband Tim and their three kids, Tristan, Torry and Keely, her Navians.

“In the beginning of our relationship, Tim and I didn’t gain a lot of support from close friends and family members,” Huynh begins. “When I’d gotten pregnant, Tim was still in college finishing up his undergrad, and I had my first job out of college. Together, we decided we could make things work and believed in ourselves and our ability to provide for our young family.”

Huynh says his confidence and encouragement gave her the peace of mind and hope she needed to get through such an uncertain time.

“While the journey hasn’t always been easy, my husband and kids are constant reminders of what’s truly important in my life,” Huynh says. “No matter what challenges or stresses may come from my job, friends, or even extended family members, it’s my nuclear family that keeps me going.”

Huynh says Navians are important because they can provide that encouragement when times get tough.

“Without my Navians, I would be a totally different person. Their support has helped me grow and excel both in my career as a marketing and advertising professional, as well as in my personal life as a wife and mother,” she says.

Her favorite memory with her husband is when they traveled to Chicago back in 2013. There she got a special surprise.

“He was working in Hawaii at the time, but told me he had an interview with ABC in Chicago. I was pregnant with my second son and decided to join him for support,” she begins. “We were at the Bean when he revealed that he didn’t have an interview after all, and I was so upset! But then I learned the real reason why we came to Chicago was so that he could propose to me.”

Huynh will soon be traveling with her husband and children on their fist family trip, and they are excited for the memories they’ll make together.

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