Moms call HMAA’s Baby & Me program “a blessing”

Having a baby is one of the most exciting times for a new mother, but it can also be the most stressful time. New moms often have many questions, and that's why HMAA created the Baby and Me program. HI Now host Kanoe Gibson sat down with two moms to talk about their experience in the program.

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Roxanne Cambia conceived through IVF after four years of trying to conceive naturally. She and her husband have been married for five years and just recently welcomed their baby Gracen into the world. Being a new mom, she says the program helped her in numerous ways.

“Since I conceived through IVF, I was always nervous about the baby,” she begins. “First off, the free baby doppler helped a lot because it helped me have peace of mind whenever I wanted to check on my baby. I also loved the fact that I had a nurse that occasionally checked on my pregnancy status!”

Cambia says she also loved that there was accountability on what to expect during her pregnancy, the intentionality and care of her nurse, and most of all the moral support that she received throughout her entire pregnancy journey.

“It’s something to take advantage of!” Cambia says about the program. “It’s a blessing especially since it’s free and helped me a lot throughout my pregnancy!”

Marlena Silva is also an HMAA member. She and her husband just had their third child, Beau, back in May. She says the Baby and Me program has been a blessing, which is why she’s participating for the second time.

“I had such an awesome experience the first time, there was no question if I wanted to sign up again,” she says. “Honestly, every part of the Baby and Me program is really thought out as far as what is important for an expecting mom and her baby.”

The program offers so many great incentives like the reimbursement on prenatal classes, breast pump, and even a $250 Target gift card. Although it’s hard to pick a favorite part, Silva says the nurse, Dopplier, and breast pump were important as a working mom.

“I didn’t get to take advantage of the class reimbursements because of COVID, but having the nurse during this time was really reassuring!” she adds.

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