Minamoto Kitchoan sweet treats make for the perfect holiday gifting

Sponsored by Minamoto Kitchoan

Looking to treat a friend or family member with something sweet to eat this holiday season? Minamoto Kitchoan specializes in traditional Japanese desserts and wagashi. Wagashi a traditional Japanese confection made especially with mochi, anko (azuki bean paste), or fruits, and usually served with tea.

This holiday season, the dessert maker has three different sets of special confectionery assortments available for purchase at various prices. Depending on your budget, you can choose at $25, $40 or $50 assortment. All assortments are packed with other popular Minamoto Kitchoan items such as Waffle cookies, mochi, manju, and fruit jellies. You will also find beautifully packed combinations that are already gift wrapped and ready to place under the tree.

Minamoto Kitchoan has 2 locations in Hawaii. The main store is at Ala Moana Center on the first floor near the center stage and the company also has a kiosk in Kahala Mall by Macy’s.

About Minamoto Kitchoan
Minamoto Kitchoan is traditional Japanese confectionery company which was established in Okayama Japan in 1947. The company has more than 250 stores all over Japan and about 25 stores outside Japan such as New York City, San Francisco, London and Singapore. The company specializes in using fresh natural fruits for Japanese confectionery. “Minamoto” means an origin of Japanese confectionery. “Kitchoan” is a sign of delight. “An” is the place where people gather. Therefore, the company’s goal is to share happiness and smiles, while also introducing Japanese culture through Wagashi.

Each season, Japanese-style sweets “wagashi” bring traditional culture and beauty and mind. Minamoto Kitchoan wants to be a bridge of the Japanese culture for every country. It delivers the Japanese-style confectionery to bring joy and harmony for all four seasons. Lastly, Minamoto Kitchoan hopes that the word “wagashi” will one day be included in all the dictionaries the world.

For more Information: kitchoan.com