Minamoto Kitchoan offers special Japanese holiday mochi sets

Give the gift of specialty desserts this Christmas season

Sponsored by Minamoto Kitchoan

This holiday season, give the gift of Japanese sweets from Minamoto Kitchoan! The traditional Japanese confectionery was established in 1947 in Okayama, Japan, and has 45 stores outside of the country, including one at Ala Moana Center and one at a kiosk in Kahala Mall near Macy’s.

Minamoto Kitchoan uses fresh, natural fruits in its Japanese confections. The company’s goal is to give people happiness and put smiles on their faces while also also introducing Japanese culture through its wagashi, or traditional Japanese confections usually served with tea.

What is wagashi, you may ask? It is said that in the past, the term “WAGASHI” (Japanese-style confectionery) originated from the term “KASHI,” which means fruits and nuts. Later on, in the Yayoi Era, Japanese-style confectionery transformed from a part of theĀ  regular meal into luxurious food that was called “WAGASHI.”

Wagashi is made of combinations of natural ingredients such as sugar, Azuki red beans, grains, agar and fruits. Therefore the quality of ingredients is very important to make wagashi with good texture and delicate sweetness. Products at Minamoto Kitchoan are made from carefully selected ingredients. The confectionery actually cultivates fruits in its own farm to make wagashi with high quality fruit.

For the holiday season, Minamoto Kitchoan is offering three special confectionery assortments. All assortments are packed with popular items such as waffle cookies, mochi, manju, fruits and jellies. Minamoto also has nicely packaged combinations that are already wrapped and ready to give!

Other specialties Minamoto offers is an adorable 10 piece bunny-shaped manju set filled with a lightly sweetened white bean paste and pieces of yuzu or strawberry. The packaging is very cute, and it makes for a perfect small gift! It’s sold in a box with a combination of five pieces each of yuzu and strawberry flavors.

For more information: kitchoan.com