MAX-imize your earnings with Hawaii State FCU’s Relationship Max savings account

Sponsored by Hawaii State FCU

It’s no secret that interest rates have been on the rise nationwide, but Hawaii State FCU is helping savers maximize their earnings. HI Now host Kanoe Gibson is with Craig Warren, the credit union’s executive vice president, to talk about how it’s dramatically increasing deposit rates for members. Also joining them is Hawaii State FCU Member Tyler Okamura-Tagupa who recently opened a Relationship Max account.

Hawaii State FCU is paying an industry-leading 1.50 annual percentage yield at the highest tiers on its new liquid savings account called Relationship Max. That is a deposit rate up to 10 times higher than Hawaii’s traditional banks.

Warren says the good news for consumers is that because the Federal Reserve is starting to increase rates, people can actually start to earn more interest in their savings accounts depending on their financial institution. Over the last decade, interest rates have dropped so low that the majority don’t pay attention to interest rates because many only make pennies a month in their savings accounts.

However, financial institutions are now in a position to start paying more interest on savings accounts and consumers need to keep an eye out for those that offer higher deposit rates.

Tyler Okamura-Tagupa is a member with Hawaii State FCU and recently opened a Relationship Max account. He says when he heard about its 1.50 annual percentage yield on a liquid savings account, he knew he could maximize his earnings with the higher interest.

Okamura-Tagupa says Hawaii State FCU has made a tremendous difference in his life. Like many young adults, he had no or low credit and was in need of money to invest in himself. He opened a personal loan to pay for transportation, school books and tuition, then later opened a personal line of credit, which made it easier for him to borrow money and pay it back. He then replaced that with a home equity line of credit after purchasing a condo. Just recently, Okamura-TagupaI sold his condo and needed a place to invest the profits until he buys his next home. The Relationship Max account was the perfect place for him to earn additional interest.

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