Maui Preserved offers artisan foods with ingredients from Hawaii’s finest farms

Bridging the gap between farmers and stores

Sponsored by Hawaii State Department of Agriculture

Maui Preserved is dedicated to preserving Hawaii’s fruits and vegetables. There you can find crafts pantry goods, hot sauces, jams, and fruit syrups with a focus on using the Hawaiian chile and Maui Gold pineapple and any local farm produce. It also manufactures and consult for new companies and products that are growing or coming into the industry on Maui.

COVID-19 has presented challenges for all businesses, but owner Anthony LaBua-Keiser says if Maui Preserved can overcome this period, then the company will be stronger for it and poised for a growth phase.

“I am already seeing positive changes with regard to new companies and products being released,” LaBua-Keiser says. “Last month, I just wrapped up a class I taught that saw nine company’s products develop and present prototypes via the Maui Food Innovation Center here on Maui at University of Hawaii. It was very inspiring and promising to see so many products from curry to mamaki tea to hot sauce present and receive such and overwhelmingly supportive welcome from the program’s sponsors.”

LaBua-Keiser says more consumers on Maui are paying more attention to the products that they’re buying to ensure they’re supporting local products and local farmers. He says supporting Hawaii farmers is also the long-term goal of Maui Preserved, that and to build food security in Hawaii and to help bridge the gap between our farmers and dinner tables.

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