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Maui Ocean Center Brings Live Ocean Aloha To Kama’āina

HI Now Host Kainoa Carlson is at Maui Ocean Center to learn about its new Live Ocean Aloha initiative to help protect our oceans. The initiative inspires visitors to see the ocean’s beauty and understand that what we do on land impacts what happens under the water.

Sponsored by Maui Ocean Center

Maui Ocean Center is specifically targeting kama’āina for this program, as it aims to add value to the local community and encourage Hawaii residents to keep track of their effect on the ocean. As a result, it has reduced its kama’āina membership rate so that more people can learn about conservation and marine life.

“We really want to inspire people about the beauty of Hawaii, the land, the ocean. We have to leave this place in a better condition than we found it,” said General Manager Tapani Vuori. “We really want to make sure our local communities are served well and they have access to resources like Maui Ocean Center.”

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