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Maui couple counts on Hawaii State FCU during major life milestones

A credit union you can count on

Sponsored by Hawaii State FCU

When it comes to a financial institution, you want one that’s going to be there for you at every stage of your life. 21 years ago, Hawaii State FCU played a major role in the lives of Tim Georges and Toni Rodrigues during the adoption of their baby boy. Today, the credit union continues to help now that the Maui couple’s son is in college.

“Hawaii State FCU holds a special place in our hearts because, like any family member would, they were there for us when it came time for us to start our own family,” Toni explains. “We were spending a lot of money on infertility treatments and at one point said, ‘If this doesn’t work, let’s just adopt.'” Toni says that route wasn’t easy until they were informed that a baby boy was just born on Oahu. “We had received a pre-approved loan offer for $11,000 from Hawaii State FCU and were able to use that to pay for the adoption expenses,” she says. The couple was thrilled to welcome home their new son, David.

Both Tim and Toni love being members at Hawaii State FCU. “Everyone is always so nice when we walk in, greeting us by our first name – there’s not too many places like that anymore!” Toni says. “We definitely are not just treated like an account number, and that’s something we really value. The staff here have taken the time to get to know us and our individual financial needs to help us accomplish our goals.”

Tim and Toni wanted to teach their son David about the importance of saving early, so they started him a savings account. “Now he’s in college and we love the convenience of being able to transfer funds into his account using the Hawaii State FCU Mobile App,” Tim explains. “We just got accepted for a pre-approved offer to purchase a car for David, who’s attending college in Arizona. Hawaii State FCU has really been a big part of our family’s journey for more than 30 years that we really do see them as family.”

In the next couple years, Tim and Toni plan to build a backyard observatory. “I have the dome, the telescope, and the plans. I just have to pour the foundation, build the walls and put it together,” Tim says. “It is nice to know that my credit union can help me do that.”

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