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Maryknoll School prepares students for careers of the future

Maryknoll School's academic excellence

Preparing students for careers of the future is one of the primary goals of Maryknoll School. To do that, the institution has an innovative initiative called the Mx Scholar Program that unlocks students’ passion for learning and prepares them for prospective careers. Seniors Kimberly Guevara and Kylie Guieb, along with High School Principal John Madriaga, joined Hawaii Now host Jobeth Devera to demonstrate the skin care product line they are developing for their senior capstone project. The two women were inspired by their parents who work in the medical field and they wanted to do something to improve people’s health and well-being. Creating their own skincare line also allowed them to incorporate what they’ve learned in classes about human anatomy, chemistry, and being an entrepreneur.

The Mx Scholar Program focuses on four industries that are driving the careers of tomorrow: STEM and aerospace, medical innovation, business and diplomacy, and creative arts and expression. Students can take classes in any or all of the four areas, in subjects like human anatomy, medical terminology, aerospace engineering, entrepreneurship, and finance. Students who specialize can earn a special distinction in that Mx area, which gives them an edge with college admissions. The senior capstone project is the culmination of every student’s Maryknoll experience, shaping them to be 21st century learners, leaders and global citizens of character. It asks the students to think deeply about how they would like to make a difference and apply what they have learned to benefit the community.

Innovation at Maryknoll School does not stop there. Professors who are experts in their fields visit from mainland universities to share their knowledge and are matched as mentors with students. Maryknoll School also has students who are earning their pilot licenses before they graduate, and students who will get a Hawaii Pacific University college degree at the same time as their Maryknoll High School diploma! The Admission Department is accepting applications online at and Open House is Sunday, November 4.

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