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Manuhealii designs celebrate Hawaii’s rich culture

The inspiration behind the collections

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When you see the unique graphics and bold colors, Manuhealii designs are easy to spot and each is uniquely Hawaiian. HI Now host Kanoe Gibson is at the Kailua boutique getting the inside scoop on the inspiration behind her collections.

Since 1985, Manuhealii designs have been both inspired by and representative of Hawaii’s rich native culture and island lifestyle.  It’s the love of feel-good clothing and all things colorful that keeps Danene Manuhealii inspired and optimistic to create distinctive signature prints in joyful color combinations to celebrate these deep connections.

Easy-fitting styles and polished modern trends convey the essence of the clothing company. Cherished classics can be found in the men’s aloha shirt and elegant sweetheart dress. Innovative and fresh looks can be achieved by sassy favorites like the Moani Swing.


Manuhealii gathered a loyal fan-base while selling at home sales and isle craft-fairs during the 80’s to mid-90’s with her team of family and friends. Her husband Pono, an architect and graphic artist, joined forces. Together, they opened their first retail boutique in Kailua which became the quintessential aloha wear shop on the windward side.

Pono and their son Lokahi design Manuhealii’s signature prints. The two generations are able to combine their wisdom and artistic talents to keep and forge current trends. Manuhealii strives to reflect the ties to Hawaii’s culture and people through ever-changing designs. It is a humble mission to continue to create Hawaiian clothing that evokes the spirit of Hawaii and inspires clear feelings of aloha.

For Manuhealii, her love of fashion, vibrant colors, and bold graphics naturally led to a career in design. “I get to happily create a line of clothing and accessories with an aloha attitude,” she says. “I love seeing the blissful smiles when family and friends find something that makes them happy… and inspire them to wear ‘aloha!'”

Manuhealii has three galleries: Kailua, Honolulu, and online.

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