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Manaola partners with Nespresso to release limited edition coffee set

Hawaii Kona Discovery Box features Manaola design

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The Nespresso Hawaii Kona discovery box features a limited-edition set of Pure Collection cups and saucers with unique art by Hawaii’s own Manaola Yap. The pattern evokes the true spirit of the Big island and the world-renowned Kona coffee.

Yap was born into a family whose cultural and artistic roots run deep into the volcanic soil of Hawaiʻi Island. For generations before contact with the West, his ancestors were hula practitioners and artisans of traditional Hawaiian textiles and dyes. Raised amid this tradition of creativity, the designer stands upon the strong foundation laid out by his Kūpuna (ancestors).

“We’re definitely honored by this opportunity,” says CEO Zachary Pang. “Nespresso has a commitment to working with artists from around the world. They were looking into Native Hawaiian artists and they came across Manaola from our New York Fashion Week presentation, and they fell in love with some of the different patterns that were represented.”

To design this discovery set, Yap drew inspiration from nature. After creating a concept for the pattern, he hand-carved designs into bamboo laths. These thin pieces of wood were then used in a traditional Hawaiian stamping technique called ohe kapala. The pattern was meant to emulate nature a create a powerful symmetry, which he calls a “sacred geometry.” Each of his designs is inspired by the island’s aloha spirit which signifies the unconditional love for yourself and your environment.

As Yap says: “A little bit of Aloha every day is what the world needs.

“One of the other pieces that we love is they have a 100 percent Kona Coffee,” says Pang.

“You’re really experiencing a full-body flavor that’ truly is Kona,” Yap explains. “When you’re taking a sip of this coffee, you’re actually really taking in a part of the coffee heritage itself.”

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