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Making DaKine donuts at The Patisserie, Hawaii’s underground bakery

Releases glazed donuts under new name: Dakine Donuts

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Who doesn’t love bread? If you’ve ever eaten at Teddy’s Bigger Burgers or Five Guys, you might be surprised to find that the buns are made locally at The Patisserie in Pearl City! HI Now host Jobeth Devera takes us to the place known as “Hawaii’s undercover bakery” for an inside look at the process.

The Patisserie is a family-owned, local bakery, making pastries, breads, donuts, pies and cakes for many of Hawaii’s restaurants, hotels and convenience stores for over 50 years. From delectable French pastries to rustic European breads, the bakery takes pride in its high-quality products. You’ll find its freshly baked products, such as its gourmet Harvest Hawaii or Rolf’s Lavosh lines, distributed daily in restaurants and stores around the islands.

Looking to order a cake for a wedding or a special occasion? You can even order a custom cake from The Patisserie’s talented cake designers.


In 2019, The Patisserie also released their glazed donuts under a new name: Dakine Donuts. “I saw that there was a huge need for fresh, fundraising product that people could use,” says Colleen Paparelli of The Patisserie. “Most donuts are previously frozen.” Dakine Donuts are made fresh daily and can be delivered and ordered in mass production. Dakine Donuts can be purchased directly from The Patisserie for fundraising purposes and in the near future at Sam’s Club.

“We definitely want to work with people who want to do fundraising,” Paparelli says. “We have a six pack box and a 12 pack box, and you can choose to have one of the boxes all glazed and the other one a different flavor or an assortment of flavors.”

While The Patisserie does not currently have any retail locations, you can always call (808) 836-7900 and place an order for pick up at its Pearl City facility.

The Patisserie
96-1345 Waihona St.
Pearl City, HI 96782

About The Patisserie:
The Patisserie, a family-owned local bakery, has been serving Hawaii for over 50 years providing made-to-order bakery items every day of the year.  This year they are releasing their glazed donuts under a new logo:  Dakine Donuts.  They can be purchased directly for fundraising purposes and in the near future at Sam’s Club and other locations.

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