Make your next car an EV, enter to win a horseback riding tour at Kualoa Ranch

It's the perfect time to go electric!

Sponsored by Blue Planet Foundation

In response to the uncertainty coronavirus has brought to the islands, there’s a renewed interest in enhancing Hawaii’s self-sufficiency. Globally, there’s also concern for air quality as it influences respiratory health and coronavirus response. One way for Hawaii residents to invest in local energy production while simultaneously reducing air pollution and carbon emissions is to purchase an electric vehicle.

Any Hawaii residents that are in the market for a new car should consider electric. With longer ranges, and a $7,500 federal tax credit still available on many models, this new generation of EVs might be just what you’re looking for. EVs help Hawaiian Electric integrate more renewable electricity into the grid, and as the community moves towards 100 percent renewable energy, these will be increasingly fueled by local power.

For those on Oahu thinking about switching to an EV, there are many places you can charge up. If you own a home, you can plug an EV in with a level one charger into a normal 120-volt outlet. That will top off the car’s battery overnight for most of Hawaii’s residents, who only drive an average of 30 miles per day. However, if you don’t fall into that category, there are public chargers available as well. Hawaiian Electric has a network of DC fast chargers that can charge an EV in 20 minutes to an hour, and there are level two chargers at many shopping centers, parking lots, and even some condos and apartment buildings.

Blue Planet Foundation, with the support of Hawaiian Electric, has launched the HorseCar Man PSA to remind everyone that the future is electric. After watching the video, you can go to to pledge to make your next car electric. Anyone who pledges throughout the month of June will be entered to win a horseback riding tour for two at Kualoa Ranch.

Once you are ready to purchase, you can go to and use the “Find an EV Expert” tool. There you can use the mapping tool to find a sales associate near you that can provide you with a great EV dealership experience.

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