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Make Banking Easy With ASB Mobile Banking

American Savings Bank is making it easy to manage your finances with its online and mobile banking options. From its new mobile banking service to its digital centers, ASB wants to make banking as easy and straightforward as possible.

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ASB’s mobile banking app includes a feature that allows users to send money to friends, family and loved ones. Customers can also check their balances, see their statements and even apply for a mortgage.

In addition to these features, ASB customers can open a new checking, savings or CD account online. Simply answer a few questions and your account will be set up without ever having to set foot in the bank. You can also order a debit card and checks online after your account is set up.

Because interest rates around the country are historically low, many homeowners are refinancing their mortgages with American Savings Bank as well. ASB has made it easy to apply for loans online and find the right refinancing option.

ASB is also invested in creating a more financially literate Hawaii. That’s why they offer a series of financial courses on their website that can guide you through managing your money in a number of life events. Courses will teach you about how to financially care for a family member, purchasing a home and even saving for retirement. It also offers crash courses about money management, such as budgeting, debt and paying taxes.

On June 28, ASB opened its first Digital Savings Center at Honolulu Walmart. Unlike its traditional branches, all cash transactions are operated through full-functioning ATM machines. The savings center also has digital banker bars where an experienced digital banker can assist you with any questions you may have. ASB will continue to roll out savings centers across the islands.

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