Mahalo Monday: Kaiser Permanente advice nurses provide quality care through technology

Offering healthcare for members through various portals

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It seems like every day there’s a new challenge and the world constantly changing. On this Mahalo Monday, HI Now wants to say thank you to the nurses and healthcare workers who have quickly adapted to ensure that everyone in our community continues to receive the healthcare they need.

Megan Canne is an RN 24/7 Advice Nurse with Kaiser Permanente Hawaii. She says nurses get a variable range of health inquiries which can range from acute to moderate symptoms. They also get numerous general health questions that they can usually take care of by giving advice based from their nursing knowledge and scope of practice.

“In recent times, our call volume has grown exceptionally due to recent COVID spikes, where we do our best to collect information and disposition appropriately,” Canne says.

During COVID-19, nurses like Canne have adapted to providing virtual care. In fact, she says 80 percent of care from advice nurses during the pandemic has been virtual.

“I’ve taken numerous calls from worried members,” she says. After careful triaging and assessment, if the situation is needing further evaluation from a physician, the advice nurses can coordinate and schedule telephone appointments or video visits. This can provide members with peace of mind, staying safe at home, and providing important health care and maintenance.”

During these times of uncertainty, the evolution of technology has allowed healthcare workers to acclimate and use new tools to their advantage. Kaiser Permanente patients, once signed up, can access their medical information and inquiries on where they can directly email their personal physician as well as an advice nurse.

“That way, they received an answer from someone they know and trust,” explains Canne. “ is also great because you can refill prescriptions, check lab results, book appointments. I have use this application numerous times, and found it most helpful.”

When it comes to the questions she’s been asked, Canne says there are no impractical ones when it comes to your health.

“I love my job. It’s gratifying to help by delivering reassurance and compassionate guidance so they get the care they need during this difficult time,” she says. “I have seen our organization come together like never before to adapt and conquer. The sense of comradery and team building really has brought the whole Hawaii region together, all with the same mission as before, to provide affordable and high quality care to our members.”

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