Lower your electric bill with the power of the sun and Alternate Energy Hawaii

Installing high quality alternative energy systems

Sponsored by Alternate Energy

Living in Hawaii can be expensive, and a great way to lower your electric bill is to take a look at solar. Alternate Energy (AEI) takes great pride in helping Hawaii residents lower their electricity bills by installing high quality alternative energy systems.

“Solar in Hawaii is a great idea because, number one, we have a lot of sun, and also we have the highest electricity rates in the nation,” says Jeff Lum, a project developer with AEI.

Founded in 1993 by the Ekimura family, AEI has been growing slowly and steadily, becoming a front-runner in Hawaii’s renewable energy revolution. AEI is driven by the knowledge that more renewable and energy efficiency installations, like solar, means less dependence on expensive oil and electricity.

AEI is a locally owned company and has been in business for over 25 years. It offers some of the longest warranties in the industry and does not subcontract its installations. AEI is the first and only Elite Dealer for Mitsubishi PV, first Elite Diamond Dealer for Mitsubushi AC and was recently named the first and only Panasonic Premium Installer in Hawaii.

“We’ve done probably more residential installations than any other company on the island, so we have a lot of experience,” Lum says.

Homeowners can look to AEI to install things like photovoltaic systems, HVAC systems, solar water heating systems, or even solar attic fans.

Programs available for customers:
– Customer Self-Supply: A program that’s ideal if you don’t want to export energy to the grid.
– Customer Grid-Supply Plus: This program integrates grid support technology with your system for grid stability.
– Smart Export: A program where systems have the option to export energy to the grid from 4 p.m. – 9 a.m.
– NEM+: Available only to current NEM customers. It allows NEM customers to add non-export capacity to their home or business without affecting their NEM status.

For more information: alternateenergyhawaii.com, Facebook.com/alternateenergyhawaii, or Instagram and Twitter: @aeihawaii