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Looking for love this Valentine’s Day? Check out these first date tips from Matchmaking Hawaii

Do's and Don'ts of a first date

Dating is tough and it can take a lot of effort to find someone you’re compatible with. HI Now host Jobeth Devera sat down with Ami Allan, vice president at Matchmaking Hawaii, to talk about what singles can do on a first date to up their chances of finding love.

First Date DO’S!
1. Put some effort in your appearance. You never know what could happen — this could be your first date with the love of your life! First impressions are extremely important, and it all starts with a great smile!

2. Prepare certain things about yourself that you want to share that will make your date say, “WOW!” These WOW stories can be about traveling, family, your career, or a hobby.

3. Compliment your date! It will open the door for a positive connection.

4. Flirt! Witty flirting will help make your date interested in you.

5. Try to find a common interest. This can be a place you both want to go to, a hobby you both want to try, or even a restaurant you’re interested in trying.

6. Ask for a second date during the first date. Why wait? It’s time to stop playing games.

First Date DON’TS!
1. Don’t go to the movies. You won’t be able to get to know each other! Pick a place where you feel comfortable because you want be able to get to know each other.

2. Don’t take your date to meet up with friends or go to an event. There are too many variables in situations like these that could make your connection with this person go south.

3. Don’t talk too much. This means ask questions to get to know your date, plus be aware of TMI.

4. Don’t bring up stories about your ex. (You’d be surprised how many people make this mistake!)

5. Don’t be quick to judge.

About Matchmaking Hawaii
Matchmaking Hawaii is the only company in the state offering matchmaking services to locals. The matchmaking company offers a free, personal and confidential consultation with no obligation. The company pre-screens clients and arranges the date on their behalf. All of the clients at Matchmaking Hawaii are long-term relationship minded, which this is extremely important as both the man and woman should want the same things in the near future.

Matchmaking Hawaii spends a lot of time getting to know their clients, sitting down face-to-face to discuss everything from dating history to personal values. By conducting a personality test, matchmaking experts are able to identify the singles that should be introduced. While introducing the right kind of people and then provide dating skills, coaching, and relationship advice, Matchmaking Hawaii is able to give their clients the tools to take the initial date into an amazing, loving relationship.

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