Looking for a new job? Here’s how to keep your search a secret from your boss

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While on the hunt for a new job, it can be tricky trying to keep the search a secret from your current employer. With that in mind, Bishop & Company has some tips to help keep your search under wraps.

Experts at Bishop & Company stress that even though you may be looking for a career change, it’s important to keep performing well at your current job so that you can leave on your own timeline and with a good reference from your current employer. They also suggest talking to your Human Resources department to see if transferring to another department or role within the company is a possibility.

Professional recruiting firms like Bishop & Company take away the stress when it comes to worrying about your current employer finding out about your job search. They do the work for you and keep your application totally confidential, although nothing is guaranteed — especially in a small community like Honolulu. Experts at Bishop & Company say it’s always best to find another job before you resign from your current position. Bishop & Company can also help by offering temp work while you look for your next career move.

Keeping your resume current is a must for anyone looking for a new job, whether you’re just updating it or putting together a completely new one. Bishop & Company suggests checking online templates for guidance or asking friends, family, or colleagues to review it. It’s also important to make sure people you plan to use as references are ready to speak positively on your behalf.

Many successful people believe in putting your resume online or in resume data bases so that you can always be approached with offers throughout your career. Bishop & Company suggests that if you plan to do this, make sure your social media channels depicts who you are and what you do in the best light.

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