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Local 80’s tribute band Dirty Thunder continues to rock out virtually

Getting the band back together to do what they love

Dirty Thunder is a local rock cover band that loves playing fist-pumping jams from groups like Journey, Guns N’ Roses, Queen, The Beatles, and other acts you’ve come to love over the years. Made up of high school friends, the group has jammed together over the years. Then in 2007, things came together and they started playing for the public.

It’s been a while since the group played together, and with the pandemic affecting people around the world, Dirty Thunder decided to get the band back together virtually to create some new music videos covering songs like Journey’s “Any Way You Want It” and “Under Pressure” by Queen.

Part of the reason the group decided to make these videos is because their bassist moved to Italy.

“Three of us live practically in the same neighborhood, but our bassist lives in Italy. Naturally, with the current situation, we were really worried. Thankfully, they’re doing fine,” says Kerry Yoshida, who does vocals for Dirty Thunder.

The group had seen other bands doing the same thing. Everyone had their own recording equipment, so they thought they would give it a try!

“We’d find a drum track and sort of play telephone. One person records their track and sends it out to the group, then the others follow suit, Yoshida says. “It’s a whole different story not being together as you’re locked in to what the other guy does on his track.”

It sounds like a complicated process, but Yoshida says ultimately, it comes together pretty well.

“Truth is, we all just really miss each other. We haven’t played in a few years and thought it might be time to bring it back, virtually,” he explains. “We felt like we’re all blessed as we’re all able to still be able to work remotely. We thought we could donate our time and ask if people enjoyed it, and if they’re able, to consider donating to a charity or cause they believe in because everyone needs help right now.”

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