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Learn how to play an instrument at home with the Kapena School of Music

Now's the time to learn how to play that ukulele you have at home!

With many restaurants and venues closed due to the pandemic, many artists have gone online to continue to share some light and good music during these changing times. The Hawaiian music group Kapena is no exception as they have been going live on Facebook and Instagram twice a week since the beginning of Hawaii’s stay at home order.

“Try to keep everybody connected, keep everybody’s spirits up,” says the band’s keyboard and vocalist Kalenaku DeLima.

In addition to these live performances, the group has taken this time to launch a brand new Facebook and Instagram page, “The Kapena School of Music,” where members of the band take turns teaching others how to play various instruments online in order to help bring some music into more homes.

“Growing up in Hawaii, I think most people have an ukulele laying around in their house that was like their grandparents, or they got as a gift and never ever picked up,” DeLima says. “So on that page, we’ve been teaching some Hawaiian songs, some Disney songs.. We’ve gotten a really positive feedback just kind of what we grew up knowing.”

DeLima says as an artist herself, she wanted to find a way to bring some light into people’s homes, and this has been a great opportunity to do that and launch the new program.

“Hopefully from here, once everything opens up again, we’ll be able to actually do live classes and one-on-one private lessons,” she says. “So it’s a great time for us to be able to teach, and it’s a great time for people to be able to learn.”

So if you’re looking to learn how to play that ukulele you have at home or another instrument, check out The Kapena School of Music!

For more information:, Facebook and Instagram: @KapenaMusic, and Facebook and Instagram: @KapenaSchoolofMusic